I have asked a few people about the meaning of the word sustainability.

Vinita: Sustainability is to make something last, so maybe like in terms of natural resources we have today it is something that ensures that something lasts for generations to come.

So to sustain something for me is to make it last. A sustainable business will mean using natural resources in the way that the resources are not depleted, but are renewed.

Paul: Sustainability is something that can be managed for ongoing and the future. Sustainable business it is something that can be maintained efficiently and continued in the future, so it will be sustainable and can actually continue on the same basis as it was set up.

Renu: For me a sustainability would be a system that has longevity in the sense of eco, a system that has a very low impact in terms of effects on the environment, a system that is ecologically and economically all natural ecosystem.

Jazz: I think it means a regeneration of the products that you have used. For instance, people use plastic bottles or rubbish to reuse. I think it can also mean sustained communities like, let’s say, you were living in the jungle, their people used to be killing things, while now we try to make them use honey or to stop them chopping down trees, we try to stop them doing things like that, so there is a different way of sustaining our lives without harming the world.


Oxford living dictionary


1 the ability to maintain at a certain rate or level

‘the sustainability of the economic growth’

‘schemes to ensure the long-term of the project’

‘healthy soil is identified as the first priority for long-term sustainability of food production’

1.1 Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

‘the pursuit of global environmental sustainability’

‘the ecological sustainability of the planet’”