I am talking to Simon Garrett, the director of Surefire Print and Design. Surefire Print and Design is located at Unit 6, Weybridge Business Centre, 66 York Road, Weybridge, KT13 9DY.

I: Hello Simon. Thank you for taking your time to talk to us.

Simon: No problem.

I: As a Director can you please tell us what Surefire Print and Design is and when should we come to you?

Simon: Obviously Surefire Print and Design is as it says – printers. We print everything from business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, etc. through to mugs, coasters, t-shirts, hats, leather jackets, we also have our own clothing brand which we print onsite, virtually everything. So, you want to come to us if you want to brand something or if you just want photocopies for instance. Everything like that.

Reading time: 6 min

I have asked a few people about the meaning of the word sustainability.

Vinita: Sustainability is to make something last, so maybe like in terms of natural resources we have today it is something that ensures that something lasts for generations to come.

So to sustain something for me is to make it last. A sustainable business will mean using natural resources in the way that the resources are not depleted, but are renewed.

Reading time: 1 min