Sally Sumner, the founder and director of The Ballet Academy Weybridge offered us another charming performance “The Magic Toy Shop”. The show took place on 30th and 31st March,2019 at Addlestone Community Theatre.

Sally, when writing the story for the show was inspired by ballet “The Fairy Doll” She also choreographed the dancing.

The dancers’ ages ranged between 5 years and 58 years old. The show took place in the Community Theatre and it was a proper occasion. The theatre itself offered really good and comfortable facilities.

At the entrance to the theatre there was an opportunity to purchase, on the door, both tickets and a programme for the show.

After being comfortably seated, the lights went down, the curtains opened and “The Magic Toy Shop “ballet began.

“ ‘Top Toys’ was not your usual toyshop. It was owned by an incredibly talented toymaker called Mr. William Whirring. He specialised in making mechanical dolls. Anyone who was anyone in town wanted to own one of his creations.”

The dancers appeared one by one as many different dolls from the shop. Each dancer wore a stage make-up  and specially designed beautiful, colourful costume. Costumes were designed by Sally Sumner and fairy doll costumes were produced and designed  by Athalie Tar. Everything was fit for a West End show.

Photography Karl Te Aika

Each individual dancer as well as groups of dancers performed in front of an audience full of parents and family friends.

When the dancers appeared one by one my attention was grabbed. I was particularly charmed by the dancers’ beautiful arm movements. That made me realise, that I really was watching a proper ballet show.

Photography Karl Te Aika

The ballet dancers’ movements and communication with each other throughout the show were very expressive and able to tell the story of the show.

I found Sally’s choreography very interesting and enjoyable while being well suited to each individual dancer’s ability.

Photography Karl Te Aika

The ballerinas in the show were serious about their dancing all the way through. There were also a lot of smiles and there was a lot of joyfulness shining through to the audience.

Photography Karl Te Aika

The music by Josef Bayer and Léo Delibes created a special mood and an air of sophistication.

Lacey Tarr as the Fairy Doll; Photography Karl Te Aika

Though the story and music were from the past, we all somehow felt everything was happening then and there at that moment.

The various scenes included a broken doll, an Austrian doll, a mama poppa doll, a  sailor’s doll, a circus doll, a fairy doll, midnight magic dancing dolls, drumming bunnies, toy soldiers, Chinese dolls, Japanese dolls, Spanish dolls all creating great variety and providing true high-quality entertainment.

Photography Karl Te Aika

Amazingly good choreography delivered by the able, confident and talented and well prepared dancers made the show pleasingly spectacular and one to remember.

Sally Sumner and The Ballet Academy dancers; Photography Karl Te Aika

All the dancers of The Ballet Academy, young and older seemed to master the arm movements to the point where they shone and touched us with their beauty.

I definitely want to come and see another show by the dancers of The Ballet Academy Weybridge.

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