Christmas is a beautiful time of the year and to fully appreciate it, you should prepare well in advance. There are many aspects to Christmas and each of us has a favourite way to go about it. Some people start planning a year ahead while others leave everything to the last moment. Seasonal cooking and getting presents for family and friends are among the greatest joys, but they can also be stressful. So, if you decide to give presents, have them ready and wrapped by the second week of December and have all your Christmas cards sent off by then. This will give you time and space to put your mind to other preparing-for-Christmas matters.

Photograph by Libby Penner

Getting organised for Christmas also involves taking care of your body and mind. One month or even two weeks before should give you enough time to prepare for the celebrations. One of the challenges over Christmas is to avoid gaining weight. You may want to go on a diet before the festivities and try to lose a couple of pounds. You can achieve the sensation of feeling lighter by adjusting your usual eating habits. For example, you could give up cakes, biscuits, alcohol, takeaways, and bread, or stop eating after 6 pm. Instead of snacking, you might want to observe the three-meals-a-day rule, choose your meals wisely, and make sure the last one is before six in the evening. By restricting the amount of food you eat before Christmas, you will be able to enjoy all the culinary delights, and not worry about putting on weight when the time of the celebrations arrives.

You could also do some brief daily exercises to control your stress and anxiety and make you feel younger, stronger and more confident.

Photograph by Diana Light

Photograph By Engin Akyurt
Photograph by Sun Studi
Photograph by Maarten van den Heuvel

To feel tip-top, you also need to take extra care of your skin. Implement a routine that includes cleansing, exfoliating, massaging, and exercising your face and neck muscles. Using a facial brush can help to obtain the best results.

Make sure you apply moisturiser three times a day and a nourishing cream at night. Take regular baths and apply oils and lotions to your body. You could get a soft-bristle brush for your arms, legs, back and abdomen to increase your blood circulation and help absorb previously applied beauty products. Your skin will start looking fresher and younger and you will feel happier.

Photograph by Roberto Nickson

By doing all the above, you will be ready and able to appreciate and celebrate this wonderful time of the year. There is also a good chance that your eating habits will change for the better and you will stay slimmer after Christmas.

Photograph by Al Elmes
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